Jay Trefethen

About Me:

I am a self taught artist living in Bradford, Vermont. I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. Art is as fundamental a part of my life as eating and sleeping.

Favorite subjects include Pop Surrealism and Portraiture. However, I don't like to limit myself by only painting certain subjects. I really just paint what I feel like painting.

 I am currently working on building up a portfolio of canvas pieces to present to galleries in hopes of finding new markets for my work. You can see the progress I'm making on this site, in the Galleries section.

Besides painting and drawing, I am also interested in woodworking. I work at the world famous furniture company Pompanoosuc Mills, in Thetford, Vermont. I share my life with my spouse Meredith and our cat overlord Honda.

Artist's statement

I'm a self taught artist living in rural Vermont. I've been drawing and painting my whole life. And though I've had a bit of success with a few commercial projects, such as a graphic novel and a couple children's books for small press publishers, I'm still pretty much 'undiscovered.' I'd like to change that, but I also want to focus on painting things that I want to do, not things that I think will sell well. I've never been very good at second guessing my audience anyway. So I'm trying to get my work 'out there,' but I'm trying to do it on my own terms. It's been an interesting balancing act so far. My flicker account goes back almost a decade now, so you can see my work progress and change as I try new things and tackle new subjects. I invite you to follow my work, and join me on my journey.

What i've Achieved

  • My work was recently on display at the Newport Library Art Center's Regional Juried Exhibit, in  Newport, NH. I was also recently featured at the Pompanoosuc Mills East Thetford, VT Showroom.
  • I've appeared in numerous juried art exhibits over the years, including shows at the AVA Gallery (Lebanon, NH,) the Springfield Historical Society (Springfield, VT,) and The Newport Library Arts Center (Newport, NH.)
  • I am a regular participant in the Boskone Art Show, part of the annual science fiction convention in Boston, MA.
  • My cousin Amanda Toppin and I have published a children's book through; Seedy Treefeather
  • I am frequently commissioned to paint portraits of people and pets. My portrait work is quite popular locally.
  • I helped illustrate the graphic novel by Dustin Warburton, Strange Things. Unfortunately this is out of print.
  • I illustrated the children's book The Legend of Casey Rock, by Elizabeth Grey, also out of print. 
  • I've done a number of drawings for the online review site North Country Review.
  • I did the logo for the International Cryogenics Conference, Cryocooler 9. 
  • Other commissions include tattoo designs, murals, posters and custom auto art.
  • I've appeared in several magazines, including the science fiction magazine, Space & Time, and the trade newsletter Ruger Insight.
  • For Ten years I ran the t-shirt airbrush studio Night Air Studios, traveling to fairs and festivals in New Hampshire and Vermont, freehand airbrushing t-shirts on the spot for people.

You can see more of my work on my Flickr page here:

I also have a Deviant Art page: