Pixsy.com reverse searches

So I recently joined pixsy.com, a site that helps artists and photographers protect their artwork by  doing reverse searches on their work to track down infringers. I was absolutely shocked at how many people are using my artwork for commercial purposes without getting permission. I knew this sort of thing was widespread, but I had no idea just how rampant it has become.

As a result of this, I'm changing my flickr.com settings from 'creative commons' to 'all rights reserved.' Too many people are abusing the creative commons rules. It says right there 'non-commercial' and 'no derivatives,' Yet people think they can just take anything and use it any way they want. One douchebag actually Photoshopped out my signature before using my artwork. Can you believe that? So from now on, I don't want anyone using my artwork without written permission from me.

The good side to all this is I'm extra grateful to the small number (much smaller than I thought) of people asking permission before using my work, like Andrea Davis. Thank you for your consideration. People can still use my artwork for non-commercial uses, I just need them to ask permission first. And if you want to use my work for commercial uses, that's okay too, but there will be a fee involved.