Michael's Has come to the Upper Valley

We finally have a decent art store in the area. Michael's in West Lebanon has opened. Meredith and I went there today. I usually avoid West Lebanon like the plaque, but I had to check this out. They had a pretty decent selection of painting supplies.

I bought a bunch of Liquitex paints and mediums, and also a starter pyrography set  (something I've been meaning to try.)

I'll probably still rely mostly on mail order from Vermont Art Supply and Dick Blick, just for the convenience. But it will be nice to have a real art store in the area for emergencies.

I don't mean any disrespect to the smaller locally owned art supply places in the area, but they are very small with a limited selection, and they tend not to restock often enough. One local store in particular is really bad.  I recall that the last time I was in there, they still had London Oil Colors. Winsor & Newton discontinued their London line back in the Eighties. I pointed that out to the salesperson, and he just nodded and giggled, like he thought it was funny.